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In 2022, we launched our platform to revolutionize the healthcare industry and provide patients with a superior experience. Our goal is to make our patients' journey unforgettable and enjoyable. In the past, patients have been hesitant to visit hospitals and undergo elective eye surgeries due to fear and uncertainty. However, with our cutting-edge technologies and advanced procedures, we strive to alleviate these concerns and provide patients with a comfortable and stress-free experience.

O Positive Health is a healthcare startup based in Gurgaon, founded in 2022 by Akshay Bhatia, Yogesh Prajapati, and Dr. Vaibhav Bhatia. Our mission is to improve the lifestyles and overall health of individuals by providing top-quality healthcare services. Our ecosystem includes 50+ fully-equipped NABH approved hospitals in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc. and we have successfully served over 700 happy customers in various regions across India. At O Positive Health, we specialize in providing all types of elective eye surgeries, including cataract and LASIK.

Our Values

  • Transparency - Our commitment to transparency ensures that we always do the right thing, in the right way.
  • Integrity - Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We believe that being truthful is crucial to building trust and long-lasting relationships with our patients and partners.
  • Diversity - We strive to be a one-stop solution for all healthcare needs, serving patients of all backgrounds and ensuring that everyone has access to quality care.
  • Passion - Our passion for healthcare drives us to work with both heart and mind, dedicated to providing exceptional care and improving the lives of our patients.
  • Teamwork - We believe in the power of collaboration and working together to achieve our goals. We understand that it takes a team effort to deliver the best care to our patients.
  • Accountability - We take ownership of our actions and believe that if something is to be done, it's up to us to make it happen.
  • Think big - We are always pushing ourselves to think bigger and aim higher. We approach challenges with a champion's mindset, never settling for less than the best.
  • Inspire others - We lead by example and strive to inspire others through our actions, dedication, and commitment to our mission.
  • Keep Promises - At O Positive Health, we believe that our word is our bond. We stand by our promises and ensure that everything we commit to gets done.

Our Core Team Members

  • Akshay Bhatia
  • Vaibhav Bhatia
  • Japjeet Singh
  • Manish Chauhan
  • Prateek Shukla

Our Mission

To be the largest hospital-agnostic platform for all types of elective surgeries

Our Vision

To make every person's lifestyle healthy, longer, and better.

Our Leaders


Akshay Bhatia

Founder & CEO


Yogesh Prajapati

Founder & CEO


Dr.Vaibhav Bhatia

Founder & CEO

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